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The Mattress Protector Dilemma: What You Really Need and Why

The Mattress Protector Dilemma: What You Really Need and Why

Where do you stand on the mattress protector dilemma? Do you consider them a necessity? Or are you more likely to walk right past them in the store, assuming they’re optional? Whether you’re researching the best setup for a new bedroom set or you’re trying to decide if an older mattress really needs protection, there are some compelling reasons to join the “yes” crowd when it comes to using mattress protectors.

What Are You Protecting?

Your mattress sits in the temperature-controlled, safe environment of your bedroom. What does it need protection from? This is what many people think when dismissing mattress protectors, but there are many things that your mattress does need protection from regardless of the safe environment that you provide.

    • Accidents – Do young children sleep in your bed? What about pets? A protective barrier makes it much easier to clean up accidents, keeping your mattress sanitary and fresh.
    • Spills – Do you ever eat or drink in your bed? Even if you just keep a bottle of water next to your bed, it’s important to protect your mattress from the mess and moisture of spills.
    • Sanitation – If you have romantic encounters on your bed, a protector will stop fluids from reaching your mattress. The same goes for dust mites, pet dander, dead skin cells and other debris that naturally collect in your bedding as you’re enjoying your daily life.

Protection Goes Two Ways

If you’re a neat and tidy person who doesn’t eat or drink in bed, you may assume that you don’t need a mattress protector. This is especially true if you don’t have young children sleeping in your bed and have never experienced a spill or accident between the sheets. Before you write off the mattress protector, think about how this barrier between your body and the mattress can provide valuable protection for you.

It’s much easier to wash a mattress protector than a mattress. This eliminates loose hairs, dandruff and other natural human byproducts from your bed. This debris can otherwise collect on your mattress if you don’t vacuum and clean it routinely. It’s much easier to slip on a protector and wash it along with your bedding.

A high-quality protector could also save you from uncomfortable reactions to many allergens, including dust mites. By blocking moisture and ensuring that spills are effectively cleaned and dried, you may also prevent the development of mold and bacteria growth within your mattress. Even if you have never experienced a bedtime spill, you never know what unexpected event is in your future. Think of it like insurance – even if you’ve never had an accident, you’d never consider driving without it.

Selecting a Mattress Protector

You can order an inexpensive protector online and it will likely do its job at least for a couple years. If you want to maximize benefits from your investment, consider the following features:

    • Cooling Materials – These protectors are designed to improve ventilation and may help cool you down on warm nights. You can do the same by investing in cooling sheets and blankets, so don’t overpay for a protector just for this material.
    • Waterproof – The best mattress protectors are 100% waterproof.
    • Easy On/Off – Most protectors pull over the corners of your mattress just like a fitted sheet. Check the dimensions of the protector if you have a pillowtop mattress or if your thick mattress requires deep-pocket sheets. Zippered protectors that fully encase the mattress provide greater protection, but are more difficult to remove for cleaning.
    • Hypoallergenic – Look for material that fully blocks allergens, especially if someone in your household suffers from asthma or severe allergies.

You can find mattress protectors made from cotton or polyester, but you might want to look for one made from bamboo or another eco-friendly material. There many options so consider all possibilities before making your final decision.

Where do you stand now on the mattress protector dilemma? Now that you understand the importance of protecting your mattress investment and your body, it’s time to start the fun process of shopping for a protector that fits your mattress.


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